Friday, February 20, 2015

Rare uncut sheet of DARK SHADOWS postcards for sale

An uncut sheet of  "Quentin Postcards" is up for auction on Ebay. While it's not in mint condition, these kinds of collectibles are so uncommon that a few creases probably don't matter much.

The postcards, which feature promotional photos of David Selby in character as "Quentin Collins" from DARK SHADOWS, were released by the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp. in 1969. There were 12 different cards in the series, which were sold in packs (three cards per pack) for a dime.

The uncut sheet (which was removed from the production process before it was cut into individual cards) features 30 postcards, and measures roughly 25" by 42". The auction ends Feb. 24, 2015.


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