Monday, December 15, 2014

Sharon Smyth Lentz joins the cast of NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE

Sharon Smyth Lentz in ON A COUNTRY ROAD.
For a show that's been off the air for more than 40 years, DARK SHADOWS never stops giving me things to write about.

This weekend, it was announced that Sharon Smyth Lentz — who played the little sister of Barnabas Collins on the original DARK SHADOWS — had joined the cast of NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE.

It's only surprising if you haven't been paying attention. Sharon has become very active in independent film, working on both sides of the camera on films such as ON A COUNTRY ROAD and POTENT MEDIA'S SUGAR SKULL GIRLS.

NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE is scheduled to begin production in 2015. It's a supernatural thriller about ghosts, reincarnation and destiny that owes a small debt to a certain daytime drama.

"This movie has obviously been very influenced by DARK SHADOWS," Lentz said. "There are many elements to it that just feel like Collinwood all over again!"

Lentz and Jonathan Frid on DARK SHADOWS.
The film also features a "little ghost girl," she said.

"I can tell you that it is a very well written script, and there are some fantastic actors involved," Lentz said. "I feel truly blessed to have been able to audition for a part in this movie."

NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE stars Lauren Holly (PICKET FENCES, DUMB AND DUMBER),Conrad Goodie (ONE TREE HILL), Kimberly Estrada and Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland.

Follow the movie's production at its official Facebook page HERE. 

Via Horror Society.

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