Friday, December 12, 2014

Kathryn Leigh Scott in HARVEY, 1975

Kathryn Leigh Scott and James Stewart on stage at
I don't know that there's any such thing as a "typical" career for an actor. Unlike most jobs, the work is always temporary and transient, forcing actors to pursue job opportunities wherever they might appear. Even actors with the most dedicated representation will spend most of their professional careers unemployed. It's a job you genuinely have to love.

The cast of DARK SHADOWS had careers as varied as their personalities. Despite his more visible movie and TV roles, David Selby seems to love the theater more than any other medium. I fully expect him to die on the stage at age 147, performing JULIUS CAESAR while simultaneously proofreading his latest collection of poetry. Nancy Barrett enjoyed the work, but was distressed by the public ogling that acting brought with it. And I don't think anyone will every truly understand Jonathan Frid's tortured relationship with a craft he otherwise seemed to love.

Kathryn Leigh Scott has one of the most unusual careers of the entire cast. After DARK SHADOWS, she spent some time in Europe where she did everything from dubbing a Roman Polanski movie to reuniting with Dan Curtis on an adaption of THE TURN OF THE SCREW. She made an appearance on the UK-produced SPACE: 1999 and, in 1975, appeared opposite James Stewart in a production of HARVEY at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. And those are just highlights of the '70s.

Scott admits she was starstruck at first, but had to immediately put those feelings aside and concentrate on the job.

"We became very close friends and we had lunch together twice a week on matinee days," Scott told Pop Culture Addict in 2010. "And he would come to my dressing room and pick me up and we would walk down to the restaurant and on Wednesdays he would pay and on Saturdays I would pay.  It was wonderful because he was like a companion.  We genuinely hit it off.  He was hard of hearing and he wore a hearing aide but there was one time when his hearing aide went out and I made sure he could see my lips."

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