Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A third helping of MONSTER SERIAL is on the way!

Well, this project certainly took a lot longer to pull together than anticipated. Our third book was originally slated to be out in October, but should finally be available for sale within the next two weeks. As I write this, a proof of TASTE THE BLOOD OF MONSTER SERIAL is sitting on the desk by my keyboard. It's our biggest book yet: An all-vampire jam featuring a special introduction by Kathryn Leigh Scott!

This book features 30+ essays on some of the best (and worst) vampire movies of all time, brought to you by our regular contributors. Unlike our previous collections, though. TASTE THE BLOOD OF MONSTER SERIAL is tied together by a single subject: VAMPIRES! We cover all of the bases from DRACULA to BLACULA, with stops in between for films like GANJA AND HESS, SALEM'S LOT and even the TWILIGHT series.

TASTE THE BLOOD OF MONSTER SERIAL even has a corner carved out for essays on DARK SHADOWS. A variant cover is also planned for this collection, but I'll save those details for the announcement when the book is available for sale. Meanwhile, you can catch up on the series by clicking on the book covers below.

And have a happy new year!

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