Thursday, December 11, 2014

Collinsport Mail Call!

We get a lot of letters here at the Collinsport Historical Society. Over the years, we've become especially very fond of the nice Nigerian prince who's been exiled and needs our help safeguarding his massive fortune (though he's stopped responding to our messages since we gave him our credit card numbers.)

Some of our mail is complimentary, some of it kind of obnoxious. Occasionally, I'll get a question that I can't answer. So, I thought it would be fun to address some of these messages in a regular feature here on the website. Let's get started!

 "I was looking up something on the Griswold Inn in Essex, CT. Came across your data on Dark Shadows.  I lived in the little White House in Essex next door to 'Evans Cottage.'  I'm still very good friends with the owners ...  It's so funny because as a child, the show was too real for me and was very scary.  Had I known that one day I'd be living in the town and next door to anything or anyone to do with that show I'm sure I would have just lost my mind. Little known fact - one of the stars from the show actually was a neighbor on that same street.  Was with her one summer when the Dark Shadows Fan Club came into town.  We were at the (Evans Cottage) and the fan club knocked on the door to ask if they could take pictures. This person was hiding, begging us not to tell them they were there or where they lived - it was pretty funny.   Was Collinsport actually based in Maine, even tho the backdrops were in Essex and Newport?"
- Jill C.
Hello, Jill! Yep, DARK SHADOWS was set in Maine. The show was filmed in New York City, so it simply wasn't cost effective to haul a film crew to Maine for the occasional exterior shot (which they stopped using after the first few years, anyway.) I guess Essex and Newport looked New England-y enough for the producers.

"Dear sir,  can you tell me the address of the Evans Cottage. I always visit Essex ... I thought it was 17 North Main St. If not, can you help me also how many bed , baths and what is the square footage??
- Egerton L.
I honestly don't know the answer to this one. If any of you want to help Egerton get the most of his trip to Essex, maybe you can point in the right direction in the comments section below?

"Can I ask why you post a story about Seaview being used in a porn movie? It will do nothing but embarrass the owners. I've working on getting inside the house and this isn't going to help."
- Gregory D.
Because I thought it was interesting? And, taking a look the traffic the post received, so did a lot of other people. As for your visit to Seaview, I can't imagine how a blog post would have any impact on your visit, given that you've got zero affiliation with this website. I'd suggest launching a Kickstarter campaign to help you pay for that sense of humor you so desperately need.


"In professional publications, the word is 'poring,' not 'pouring.'  I didn't know this either at your age."
- Roy I.
 I'm 43 years old.
"I enjoyed reading your posting about Joan Bennett in SUSPIRIA. You mentioned you hadn't read any interviews where she discussed the film. I remember reading one, and it was dated ages ago, probably from 1977 or 1978. I have been trying to track it down, but can't find it anywhere.
"Also, she appeared on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW in 1977 to 'promote' the movie, failed to mention the name of the film, and gave away the ending!"
- J. Inla
I love SUSPIRIA, but suspect Joan Bennett did not. Does anyone now the name of the publication J. is referring to?

"Hello My Name Is Kevin M. From Northern Ireland. A Very Big Fan Of Dark Shadows. Wondering Can I become Member Of Your Society. THANKS!!"
Um ... the show "society" thing is actually a joke. All you have to do to become a "member" is visit this website. So, welcome to the club!

- Wallace McBride

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