Friday, October 31, 2014

What's next from BIG FINISH in 2015?

It's a weird time for fans of the DARK SHADOW line of audiodramas from Big Finish. While there's been a lot of chatter about the upcoming "Bloodlust" serial, that ambitious project has created one of the longest periods between new releases in quite a while. The 13-part serial scheduled to begin in January is monopolizing the time of writers, producers and cast, leaving a six-month gap between releases.

And, after "Bloodlust," there's been no word on what to expect from the DARK SHADOWS line for the rest of 2015.

Today, though, producers have announced the titles and writers for the three stories slated to follow "Bloodlust" next year. May sees the release of "Panic" by Roy Gill. New to DARK SHADOWS, Gill has previously written for Big Finish's THE CONFESSIONS OF DORIAN GRAY, as well as his own original Young Adult novel series.

"Panic" is followed by "The Curse of Shurafa," written by Rob Morris.

And finally, in July, there's "And Red All Over..." by Cody Schell, writer of the award-nominated "Dark Shadows: The Flip Side."

“We weren't going to announce these stories until February next year,” said series co-producer Joseph Lidster. “But Big Finish said they're received a number of emails asking if the Dramatic Reading was continuing after 'Bloodlust.' We're pleased to say that it is! Full details for each of the stories will be released in February next year.”

You'll note a lack of information in this statement about which cast members are appearing in these stories. I've been privy to a tiny bit of information about next year's cast and promise you'll be excited.

"Bloodlust", the 13-part murder mystery, is available to pre-order HERE, with further casting announcements to come shortly.

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