Friday, October 24, 2014

Marie Wallace, Jerry Lacy return for DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST

Big Finish has added two more original DARK SHADOWS cast members to the upcoming serial, BLOODLUST.

Jerry Lacy and Marie Wallace
Marie Wallace is reprising her role as landlady Jessica Griffin. Jessica arrived in Collinsport in "Kingdom of the Dead" to support her son after his wife's death.

“Ed’s wife, Susan, died,” says co-producer Joseph Lidster, “so he’s a broken man. Luckily, his mother, Jessica, has returned to Collinsport to run the Blue Whale. Jessica's the town gossip - she knows everything about everyone. Or so she thinks…”

Dark Shadows veteran, Jerry Lacy, is also returning, reprising his role as the Reverend Isaiah Trask.

“Trask is a defeated man,” says co-producer David Darlington. “He’s lost his faith, and is often to be found propping up the bar in the Blue Whale. But where does he go at night ...?”

Could Jessica's gossip make her a target for the killer? Could Isaiah be meting out justice on those he believes to be sinners?

You can hear Jessica and Isaiah introducing themselves here, and they've been added to the extensive cast gallery here.

Dark Shadows: Bloodlust is a 13-part miniseries released in January and February 2015. It's available to pre-order here.

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Ken said...

WOOT! Trask rules!!!!

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