Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dynamite's DARK SHADOWS does the time warp (again)

UPDATED: Previously scheduled to be released this summer, Dynamite's second collection of DARK SHADOWS comics has been pushed back until early in 2015 July 7, 2015. I'm no longer holding my breath.

This is at least the second third time the release date has been delayed on this book, which collects an unspecified number of issues from the now-cancelled DARK SHADOWS on-going series. This could mean any number of things:
  • Dynamite has something planned for the license in 2015 and wants to get the most bang for their marketing buck; 
  • Dynamite is mulling its options for the DARK SHADOWS license and has delayed the book until a course of action is decided; 
  • Dynamite simply has too many trade paperbacks in the production queue and DARK SHADOWS was the easiest title to shove further down the list of priorities.
The constant changes in scheduling might even be a product of error. Remember when Entertainment Earth had the DARK SHADOWS dolls available for pre-order for almost a year before finally acknowledging they were never going to be released?  Who the hell knows at this point.

Keep in mind that all of the possible scenarios I've discussed are conjecture on my part. I sent an e-mail to Dynamite's marketing department yesterday to ask about the future of their DARK SHADOWS comics, and have yet to receive a response. Nothing was announced during last weekend's DARK SHADOWS festival, either.


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Andy said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. I wouldn't call the comics great but I enjoyed them (including the "Year One" and "Vampirella" spin-offs) and I would welcome more DS comics from Dynamite.

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