Friday, October 31, 2014

What the hell is SNOWFLAKE?

That's the question a lot of people will be asking when visiting the Big Finish Productions website today. The file appeared in the company's podcast queue as a free Halloween gift to its customers. If you're one of those types who thinks anything qualifies as a potential spoiler, you might want to stop reading here.

SNOWFLAKE is a short horror tale published today without any kind of identifying markers. Fans of this site will pick up on the clues rather quickly, though. The (free!) audiodrama is set in Collinsport and should give DARK SHADOWS fans an idea of what to expect in the coming year. And that's all I'm really comfortable saying about it.

So what are you waiting for? Go get it! LINK

Daniel Collard as Victor Frost.


old fan said...

Okay. i've listened to it. What the hell?

Roy said...

Thanks for sharing that. I wouldn't have missed it otherwise. I don't check Big Finish's site often enough.

Roy said...

I mean I WOULD have missed it.

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