Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DARK SHADOWS News Bulletins

* More than a month after the death of DARK SHADOWS writer Sam Hall, his son Matthew has written a second eulogy for the man.

It was through Matthew's blog that the world learned of Sam's death, with a simple post that read: Sam Hall, March 11, 1921-September 26, 2014. A few days later he elaborated by sharing a eulogy he delivered to friends and family at a church service. This morning he posted a second eulogy for the late writer, one delivered during a recent memorial service. Here's an excerpt: 

"In that sense, my father was an entirely self-invented man. Writing was his form of self-creation; it allowed him to escape whoever that person was in Carrollton, Ohio whom he had refused to be. It allowed him to build a successful life with my mother and me in New York based entirely on writing. It allowed him, after my mother died, to become the figure of both charm and gravitas—and power, in his way he was immensely powerful—you all knew him to be in Rhinebeck. In a sense, he wrote himself into existence; his enormous writing talent—and it was prodigious, the largest talent I have ever known or ever will know—allowed him to become precisely who he wanted to be."

Read the entire piece HERE. You won't regret it.

* Speaking of Sam Hall, he makes this list of "Northeast Ohio All-Star trick-or-treat team," along with folks like Harlan Ellison, Wes Craven and David J. Skal.  LINK

* Kathryn Leigh Scott is participating in "A Murder of Authors," an online Facebook chat scheduled for Oct. 30. Kathryn will be chatting live from 3-3:30 p.m. EST, and will be giving away signed copies of her books "Dark Passages" and "Return to Collinwood." LINK

Meanwhile, Scott is also having a Halloween sale at her official website. Purchase a print copy of "Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood" for $24.95 from her during the month of October 2014 and receive a free print copy of "Dark Passages" and a signed photograph of Josette.

You can find her new Facebook author page HERE.


* Tim Burton's 2012 DARK SHADOWS is being featured as part of ABC Family’s “13 Nights of Halloween.” It airs Friday, Oct. 31 at 4:30 pm EST. I'm rather curious to see how ABC Family will work around the scene depicted above.

* Bloody Disgusting things you should binge watch DARK SHADOWS this Halloween. While I hate the term "binge watch," I fully endorse this proposal. LINK

* Episode #291 of DARK SHADOWS makes The A.V. Club's highlights list of "Vampire TV."  LINK

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James said...

I'm hoping that ABC takes another look at Dark Shadows as a daytime soap, especially as they have had such bad luck with their daytime talk show lineup. And I don't mean another retelling of the original stories but a picking up where they left off. Same characters, same settings, current time period, but all new tales of vampires and witches, terror and mystery, magic and time travel. I'm totally ready! Are you!

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