Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Barnabas Collins model actually looks like Barnabas Collins

Remember that Barnabas Collins model kit released in the 1960s? The one that looked more like a creepy ventriloquist dummy that Jonathan Frid? Good news! MPC has done a bit of work on the sculpt, revising the heads for both the Barnabas Collins model and the classic Chris Jennings werewolf kit.

The "classic" kits were re-released a few years ago, compete with vintage-style packaging and a sarcastic product description. While I love the idea of getting the kit as it was originally produced, it still looks a little ... weird. (It doesn't help that the Barnabas Collins kit appears to be little more than a re-purposed Dracula mold.)

New editions of these models will be available from Entertainment Earth in January, complete with new sculpts for their heads. I've never heard anybody complain about the werewolf sculpt before, I have to admit the new version is an improvement. Both figures will be available in a two-pack. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

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