Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dark Shadows Diary, Episode 48

Episode 48: "Think About the Future"
Aug. 31, 1966

There's nothing quite as unnerving as the sight of David Collins smiling. Fortunately, it doesn't last long. Victoria returns his drawing to him at the start of this episode and, much to my surprise, he doesn't go all stabby when he finds out she took the sketch without his permission. He actually seems pleased when she tells him how much she likes it.

Then she says she showed it to Roger and the boy promptly tears it to pieces and reverts back to his normal Hulk-like personality:

"I didn't draw it for him."

"You had no right to steal it out of my room."

"You're  a thief just like you called me, and I wish you'd go away and never come back."

"I hate you just like I hate him."

Ah, welcome back, Collinwood Status Quo.

A present arrives in the mail for David. My gut told me it was probably something venomous (or maybe even Gwyneth Paltrow's head) but it's actually something stranger ... a crystal ball. From Burke Devlin. It's accompanied by a note, telling the little creep "Now you can tell us all where we're going." You don't need a crystal ball to see where David is going, and giving him a CLUE-like murder weapon will only accelerate things.

Joe arrives at Collinwood under the pretense of delivering some papers for Liz to sign, but is really there to tell the audience that Bill Malloy hasn't been seen since the night before. His maid, a "Mrs. Johnson" (is there only one maid in Collinsport?) said he never came home, while Joe confirms he didn't come to work, either. The manhunt for Bill Malloy has begun.

Victoria gets the ball rolling by telling Liz that Malloy was at Collinwood the night before to visit prime Suspect #1, Roger. Then she says stupid shit like "Maybe (Malloy) had some kind of emergency and had to leave town unexpectedly."

David predicts Malloy is dead, the victim of murder. And that his father did it. While one of these three answers is wrong, he's still batting .666, which is more than good enough to play major league baseball.

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