Monday, July 18, 2016

Quiz: Can you ID the killers of these Dark Shadows characters?

Despite what they might tell you in Logansport, Collinsport is a pretty nice place to live as long as your address doesn't have the word "Collinwood" in it. While our murders are often savage, they are relative few in number. (Luckily, the FBI doesn't assign "bonus points" for decapitations and stake-related homicides.) Below you'll find a quiz about the many unfortunate events in our quaint little town, a list of 30 fairly notable murder victims ... and it's your job to ID their killers. It''s like Trivial Pursuit with a body count!

You've got 90 seconds to run the boards. As you'll see, Barnabas Collins and his sometimes-wife Angelique have been over achievers ... consequently, their names appear quite a bit. This is the first quiz we've created here, so feel free to leave feedback below. (Hint: You can also re-take the test as often as you want by refreshing the page.)

UPDATE #1: While entering the data for the quiz, Tom Jennings accidentally became his own killer. Not only has that mistake been corrected, I've also added an additional 30 seconds to the clock for you and your gallant crew. Enjoy!

Click play to begin!

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