Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Victoria Winters returns in Dark Shadows: Heiress of Collinwood

It's been a while since we've had any news about Lara Parker's upcoming DARK SHADOWS novel, "Heiress of Collinwood." The book is still on target for a Nov. 8 release, getting in just under the wire of the show's 50th anniversary (and roughly a week shy of the anniversary of  Parker's first appearance on the show, taped Nov. 16, 1967.) It's beginning to look like we're stuck with that boring cover art, but I'll probably come to accept it as a fact of life by the time it hits stores.

Now, courtesy of Amazon, we've got an official synopsis for "Heiress of Collinwood," one that includes a typo in the name "Collinswood" which I've corrected below.
Victoria Winters has returned to Collinsport, the only problem is she doesn’t have any memory of where she has been. Called back by a mysterious letter from the law firm of Augustus Longstreet, she hopes to fill in the gaps of her memories by meeting with the people who knew her best. However, she soon discovers that the Collins family is missing! Now, only ghosts haunt the halls of Collinwood and she has been named the sole heir to the estate, if only she can prove her own identity. With the help of the oddly elusive Stephon Vogelsang, Victoria sets about investigating the mystery of her missing former employers in order to put to rest the strange spirits that now roam the halls of the Great House and prevent it from being sold and turned into condos and putting to rest the strange spirits that now roam its halls.
"Dark Shadows: Heiress of Collinwood" is available for pre-order from Amazon HERE.

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