Tuesday, July 26, 2016

David Liebe Hart might have grown up in Collinsport

There's an interview over at City Pages with longtime Tim and Eric contributor David Liebe Hart that touches on my household's two most urgent obsessions: Pokemon Go and DARK SHADOWS. To nobody's surprise, Hart's childhood experience sounds more than a little like an episode of a gothic soap. Here's what he has to say:
On the last tour, Jonah (Mociun) bought me a Dark Shadows comic book since I’m a big fan of Dark Shadows. I enjoyed reading that very much. Growing up, my family had lots of antiques, just like they did in Dark Shadows. That was my white side of the family, who are related to President Grant. Then my sister got tied up with the wrong guy, and swindled her out of the mortgage money I sent so we lost those antiques. 
You can read the full interview with Hart here.

H/T to Will McKinley. Follow him on Twitter!

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