Friday, April 15, 2016

Dark Shadows: Into the Light, Episode 4

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of DARK SHADOWS, Jim Romanovich recently launched an 8-part retrospective titled "Into the Light" at The Collinsport Historical Society will be archiving these episodes as they become available; you'll be able to find the series in the tab above slugged "Dark Shadows: Into the Light."

The latest episode is titled "A Charmed Life," and features an extended interview with actor David Selby, who discusses:
  • The truth behind the rivalry with Jonathan Frid and why he wrote Jonathan a letter.
  • Why he would have played Quentin forever.
  • Why he had to keep his marriage under wraps as a teen idol!
  • The comparisons of Elvis and Quentin.
  • How crowd hysteria prevented him from attending his own event!
  • His amazing connection to Abraham Lincoln!
  • Why he turned down the role of Gary Ewing on DALLAS!
  • The private prayer sessions with Jane Wyman on the set of FALCON CREST!
  • His emotional memories of Dan Curtis’ final days.
You can stream the episode below, or click on the arrow button to download it as an MP3.

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