Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dark Shadows: Blood & Fire has my full attention

Holy hell, check out the cast list for "Dark Shadows: Blood & Fire":

Lara Parker
Kathryn Leigh Scott
Mitchell Ryan
Andrew Collins
Daisy Tormé
James Storm
Jerry Lacy
John Karlen
Lisa Richards
Christopher Pennock

Those are the names attached to the upcoming anniversary audio drama, per today's press release from Big Finish. The story takes a present-day Angelique and sends her back in time a generation prior to the landmark 1795 storyline. Those names are enough to grab the attention of any DARK SHADOWS fan, and it's cool to see Mitch Ryan getting a do-over ... he left the show before things got weird and never had the chance to take part in the later time-travelling shenanigans.

Here's the official summary for the two-hour episode, which will hopefully be available prior to this year's Dark Shadows Festival in June:
The year is 1767. Young widow Laura Murdoch Stockbridge is to marry Joshua Collins, heir to the Collins fortune. Meanwhile, Joshua’s sister Abigail is in love with disreputable sailor Abraham Harkaway. But the course of true love never did run smooth… especially when the witch Angélique Bouchard is around. For Angélique has been sent back in time. And she has one mission… To destroy the Collins family forever.
You can see the full cast list (and pre-order the episode) HERE. Also, take note that Laura Murdoch Stockbridge is mentioned explicitly by name in the summary, but has no actor attached to the role. I have no idea what that means but it's certainly interesting.

Via: Big Finish

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