Dark Shadows: Into the Light


An 8 episode 50th celebration of the cult classic DARK SHADOWS!  Series commentary and exclusive  interviews highlight the revealing secrets behind this amazing television phenomenon!

Episodes #1 (Parts 1 and 2) Anatomy of a Cult Classic with Jim Pierson

An in-depth look from concept to cancellation with Jim Pierson, creator Dan Curtis' right hand man. He's been associated with Dan Curtis Productions for over twenty years as promotional director and producer. Topics discussed include:
  • How Jonathan Frid's nervousness helped Barnabas Collins be a success.
  • How ABC almost cancelled the series after 6 months.
  • Why Joan Bennett decided to do the show.
  • Why certain actors were fired and replaced.
  • How this soap changed daytime television. 
  • How a phenomenon gets cancelled.
  • plus much more behind the scenes analysis.

Episode #2: Back to Collinsport

This hour long  episode is a highlight of the full interviews you will hear starting next month. Each actor speaks very candidly about their role and the show itself. Featured in this episode are Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Selby, Jerry Lacy, Lara Parker and John Karlen.

Episode #3: A Leading Lady Through the Centuries

This episode’s topics include:
  • The turning point where Maggie Evans became the obsession of one Barnabas Collins.
  • Maggie and Joe and the real life bond with Joel Crothers.
  • On working with David Ford and Grayson Hall, who both tried to  intimidate her.
  • Best advice Joan Bennett gave her.
  • Why Mitchell Ryan was missed after he was fired and her reunion with him as Burke Devlin 50 years later!
  • Why she quit and what Dan Curtis told her.
  • Becoming a popular author, publisher and discussing her newest  book that deals with the illness that took the life of her husband in 2011.

Episode #4: A Charmed Life

  • The truth behind the rivalry with Jonathan Frid and why he wrote Jonathan a letter.
  • Why he would have played Quentin forever.
  • Why he had to keep his marriage under wraps as a teen idol!
  • The comparisons of Elvis and Quentin.
  • How crowd hysteria prevented him from attending his own event!
  • His amazing connection to Abraham Lincoln!
  • Why he turned down the role of Gary Ewing on DALLAS!
  • The private prayer sessions with Jane Wyman on the set of FALCON CREST!
  • His emotional memories of Dan Curtis’ final days.

Episode #6: A Witch's Scorn, Part 1
  • Why she dropped her southern roots in favor of a New York state of mind.
  • Why she thought they made a mistake casting her as Angelique.
  • How  Jonathan Frid helped her win the role.
  • Angelique or Josette?  Who was the real true love of Barnabas?
  • On working closely with Jonathan Frid.
  • Overly zealous fans and death threats.
  • Why she loved the Bramwell/Catherine story.

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