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THANK GOD IT'S FRID-DAY: "Too much indulgence in blood," 1970

Women's Wear Daily,
August 27, 1970

TV's VAMPIRE: Jonathan Frid just finished his first movie, "House of Dark Shadows," opening in New York Sept. 2. He plays Barnabas Collins, the same vampire he plays on the TV soap "Dark Shadows."

Frid doesn't consider his current career a sellout of his Shakespearean training. "I don't think soap opera is a putdown. I bring all my classical experience to it. All an actor needs is a situation. He doesn't need intellect. Barnabas is very much like Macbeth -- a killer with a guilt(y) conscience."

One thing that gets 45-year-old Frid down about his TV role is the teenage fans. "I always feel like an ass being a teenage idol in a teenybopper magazine," he says. "I've had my phone number changed, but there's a couple of brats that have it. It's not so much an affection for you as a game. They're little detectives."

Frid is also upset about his movie. "I object very strongly about the vulgarity of the picture. It dissipates the effect of horror. It's not horrible enough because there's too much indulgence in blood. I didn't mind doing the scenes, but I'm afraid the public will object. Our producer knows the lowest common demoninator. I also find the ads very offensive. And I will never do another horror picture without having script approval and guarantees."

In the meantime, Frid will continue toward his goals: to direct his own production of "Richard III" and eventually to become a producer-actor-director like Laurence Olivier.

(NOTE: These clippings are courtesy of Elena Nacanther, who is part of an effort to get Jonathan Frid nominated to Canada's Walk of Fame, a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that recognizes Canadians who have excelled in music, sports, film, television, and other artistic endeavors. You can find the NOMINATE JONATHAN FRID TO CANADA'S WALK OF FAME Facebook page by clicking here. Please pay them a visit. You can see more selections from Elena's scrapbook each Friday here at the Collinsport Historical Society.)

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cynthia curran said...

Think of how much more mature we are today than when when we were teens. Today fans would not invade people's privacy. We are adults and that is the advantage of being adult fans versus kid fans.

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