Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Clipping: "Collinwood" profiled in TV GUIDE, 1966

Seaview Terrace, the location used for the fictional "Collinwood" of DARK SHADOWS, was profiled in the Dec. 3, 1966, issue of TV GUIDE. Victoria Winters was being menaced by handyman/lunatic Matthew Morgan the week this issue was published, though you won't find any mention of the show's various plot threads mentioned in this photo feature. Instead, the short story touches briefly on the location's history. The real highlight here is a rare color photo of actress Alexandra Moltke in Victoria's bedroom, an image that is contrasted with a photo of a Seaview Terrace window that serves as the set's "exterior."

(Thanks to Bill Branch for the scans!)

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Justin said...

Damn cool find

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