Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Netflix to lose DARK SHADOWS in new year

UPDATE: As scheduled, DARK SHADOWS disappeared from Netflix's streaming service today. The uproar over this change seems a little disproportionate to the number of episodes that had been available. Gone from the streaming service are 160 episodes, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the entire 1,200+ run that comprise DARK SHADOWS. Hardcore fans of the series are probably shrugging their shoulders about the online controversy surrounding the change, especially for a series that's not exactly difficult to find through other avenues.

That's not to suggest there weren't benefits to having Barnabas Collins streaming on Netflix. The relatively small number of DARK SHADOWS episodes that had been available provided an easy hook for new viewers that might otherwise have been intimidated by the show's mammoth archive. It's presence on Netflix created one of the biggest and best avenues for attracting new viewers. There's been buzz around the web during the last few months about DARK SHADOWS re-runs surfacing on a boutique TV network that specializes in nostalgia programming, but that would be a huge step backwards in maintaining the show's cultural relevance. At least, in my opinion.

In the meantime, the first 200 episodes of DARK SHADOWS are still available on Hulu.


Pay careful attention to the details in Netflix's listing for DARK SHADOWS and you'll see the show is slated to drop out of rotation come Jan. 1, 2014.

What does this mean? Netflix will lose the four collection of episodes presently streaming online. While it's possible these collections, which contain 160 episodes lifted from the first four DVD sets, are being scuttled to make room for an expansion (or, heaven forbid, the complete box set), that's a pretty unlikely scenario. News stories are circulating about Netflix's changing roster in 2014, but none of them mention adding episodes.

Nobody involved with the negotiation has said a word about the program's status on Netflix, nor do I expect them to. There's probably not much to say: If Netflix loses DARK SHADOWS for the duration of 2014 or longer, it will be because the invested parties couldn't come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

In the meantime, Hulu still has 200 episodes of DARK SHADOWS streaming online.  There's been no word whether THAT will change in 2014.

(Thanks to Will McKinley for the tip.)


cynthia curran said...

The best chances to see Dark Shadows in reruns was the late 1980's, different stations reran it before Sci-fi back it up. They shown the episodes from Barnabas introduction up to Parallel time.

Nancy Kersey said...

Makes me think there are other plans afoot such as a return to syndication on METV or elsewhere.

Missy Puckett said...

if they did that would suck.. i love dark shadows.. i cant get to sleep unless ive got it playing lol yes i have no life lol.. i wonder if Antenna Tv would be able to pick up the re runs

D.W. said...

That's a trip to know. I wonder about Netflix sometimes. Still it a puzzle to know who will eventually have the entirely for ease of access someday. It can't not happen. Thanks for the post.

By the by, I don't know if anyone else has this trouble but it's difficult to read the blog with flashing or moving pictures near or in the text. It has to do with the eyes naturally being drawn to both light and movement. It's a good reflex to have, in fact. Just wanted to point that out. Still, I do love some of them images! Yummy.

Cousin Barnabas said...

I don't use animated gifs often, primarily because they're pretty big files and take a while to load. This was a special occasion, though :)

Tcol said...

Watched dark shadows in the hospital during chemo and stem cell transplant. What a great distraction and comfort. Born in 1960 and vividly remember dark shadows. Insane classic.

Unknown said...

Anyone know when (if?) Netflix will have all the episodes available on disc? I had been watching them in order until I finished collection 9, then had to wait over a year before collection 10 became available (previously its availability status had been unknown). Now I have been waiting patiently for collection 11, which sits in the "saved" section beneath my queue, although its status now says "short wait". Ironically, collection 12 (and 13, and 14,...) is available to ship now.

Where else can I stream or rent discs with episodes from season 11 and later? In past web searches I have seen collection 11 on DVD for sale for <$15 to >$50 (+S&H). I don't know where it's available for purchase on disc or for download now, or for what price. I will be researching this when I have time, but I'd really appreciate if anyone could answer any of my Qs and/or point me in the right direction.

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