Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Jonathan Frid spotted on the set of new Tarantino film

Quentin Tarantino gave portions of Hollywood Boulevard a retro-makeover during the production of his latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Set during 1969 during the lead-up to the Tate-LaBianca murders, Tarantino turned back the clocks on a one-block stretch of Hollywood Boulevard located between Las Palmas and Cherokee avenues. The results, as you'll see in the video below, are rather startling.

While everybody with a camera was trying to get photos of stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, one person was kind enough to snap a pic of a bus bench advertisement for Dark Shadows. At this point in 1969, audiences would have been a few months away from the end of the 1897 storyline, the show's peak.

Tarantino has long been one of the more famous fans of Dark Shadows, but I'll be damned if I've every heard him actually discuss the show. Maybe Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's time period will jar something loose once he begins making the press rounds for the film.

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