Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dark Shadows: The Horror Collection is now on sale

Big Finish has a rather amazing sale taking place today: a package deal of seven Dark Shadows audios for a paltry $25. The digital collection is so massive that the sale notice is actually accompanied by a warning against downloading this bundle while using cellular data.

The collection represents about eight hours of entertainment at about half off the list price. And what do you get for your $25? Dark Shadows: The Horror Collection features Final Judgement starring Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott; The Lost Girl starring Kathryn Leigh Scott; The Lucifer Gambit starring Sheila Steafel and Stephanie Ellyne; The Happier Dead starring Stephanie Ellyne and Murray Melvin; Carriage of the Damned starring Lisa Richards and Kathleen Cody; The Curse of Shurafa starring Andrew Collins and And Red All Over starring Kathryn Leigh Scott and Mitchell Ryan. (And before you send me a message pointing out the oversight: Yes, I know the image above only shows six of those stories. Creating a symmetrical image using an odd number of elements is a bitch.)

For more details, visit Big Finish HERE.

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