Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Track the CHS during this weekend's Dark Shadows Festival

I'll be attending my first Dark Shadows Festival this weekend, a trip that will involve a lot of mindless (and mindful) documentation. It's not every day that so many CHS contributors and DARK SHADOWS cast members are together in one location, so we plan to strike while the iron is hot. Look for several podcasts to be recorded this weekend in Tarrytown, N.Y., including an audio recording of my ill-advised presentation at noon on Saturday. What am I going to talk about? I don't know! I'll be joined on stage by Patrick McCray, who will attempt to corral my meandering imagination into something resembling a fun and entertaining 30 minutes. When you've got two people on stage who love DARK SHADOWS as much as we do, it's hard to go wrong.

Meanwhile, you can keep track of all the goings on this weekend via our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. Here's where you can find us:

WARNING: I've got friends and family who follow me on social media that don't care about DARK SHADOWS. I've also got fans of DARK SHADOWS that follow me who don't care about my family. Don't be surprised to see random photos of my kid on some of these feeds. You'll all just have to learn to get along :)


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