Monday, June 27, 2016

Dark Shadows Turns 50

June 27 is a major milestone for DARK SHADOWS. For orthodox fans, it's the official birthday of the show, which debuted on ABC in most markets on that day in 1966. Sure, the series rebooted (ugh, that term) itself several times during the next 1,225 episodes, but for practical purposes DARK SHADOWS began with Episode 1.

Still, you'll find a great many people who prefer to celebrate the beginning of DARK SHADOWS with the arrival of Barnabas Collins less than a year later. Case in point: Today, Decades will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series by broadcasting the first 12 episodes of DARK SHADOWS ... beginning with actor Jonathan Frid's debut in episode 211. Keep in mind that Decades is not binging these episodes. Rather than airing them in a single six-hour blast, they'll be peppering blocks of episodes throughout the day (and into the next morning.) There's also an episode of the hour-long program "Through the Decades" that will be include a segment devoted to DARK SHADOWS.

Also worth mentioning is the Decades Feature, "The Celluloid Closet," which will air several times throughout the day. The documentary is about the depictions of homosexuals in film and television, and will probably be of interest to many fans of DARK SHADOWS.

Below is a directory for the day's events. Click HERE to see if you get Decades in your area.

Note: All times and dates are EST.

Monday, June 27

7 a.m. Through the Decades
On June 27, Through the Decades turns back the lens of time on the day in history when the landmark gaming company Atari was founded. We’re also looking back on the origins of the LGBT community’s annual Pride Parade and we remember the debut of television’s cult classic DARK SHADOWS. The episode features an interview with fan Steven August Papa, and Walter Podrazik, television curator at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, as well as interviews with DARK SHADOWS cast members Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott and Lara Parker.

9 a.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 211
A stranger arrives at Collinwood, introducing himself as Barnabas Collins, a cousin from England. (Originally aired April 18, 1967.)

9:30 a.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 212
At the Old House, Barnabas speaks to the portrait of Josette, declaring that he has come home to stay. (Originally aired April 19, 1967.)

10 a.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 213
Carolyn Stoddard tries to learn what hold Jason McGuire has over her mother Elizabeth Stoddard. (Originally aired April 20, 1967.)

3 p.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 214
Barnabas meets Roger Collins, who comments on his resemblance to the original Barnabas’ portrait. (Originally aired April 21, 1967.)

3:30 p.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 215
At the Blue Whale, Willie refuses to tell Jason where he’s been. Jason notices blood on Willie’s sleeve. (Originally aired April 24, 1967.)

4 p.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 216
Jason forces Willie to apologize to Carolyn and Elizabeth. He discovers bite marks on Willie’s arm. (Originally aired April 25, 1967.)

7 p.m. Through the Decades 

9 p.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 217
Hearing a heartbeat, Willie sneaks out of Collinwood and goes to the cemetery, Jason follows him. (Originally aired April 26, 1967.)

9:30 p.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 218
Barnabas asks permission from Roger and Elizabeth to take up residence in the Old House. (Originally aired April 27, 1967.)

10 p.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 219
Dr. Dave Woodard informs Roger that Willie’s illness has been caused by a loss of blood. (Originally aired April 28, 1967.)

Tuesday, June 28
1 a.m. Through the Decades 

3 a.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 220
Elizabeth allows Barnabas to live at the Old House. Barnabas moves in with Willie as his servant. (Originally aired May 1, 1967.)

3:30 a.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 221

Waitress Maggie Evans meets Barnabas at the Collinsport Inn. She later feels she is being watched. (Originally aired May 2, 1967.)

4 a.m. Dark Shadows, Episode 222
Barnabas commissions artist Sam Evans, Maggie’s father, to paint a portrait of him, but only at night.. (Originally aired May 3, 1967.)

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