Tuesday, February 17, 2015


DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST is only one episode away from wrapping. In anticipation of the end of this epic 13-part storyline, Robert Dick (who hosted our most recent podcast) has announced THE BLOODLUST AWARDS to recognize the work done in the series.

Robert has decided on six categories in the awards:


Here's how he explained the concept:
In all six cases please give me your top three- 1) being your gold medal winner, 2) your silver and 3) your bronze.

For ACTOR / ACTRESS / CHARACTER, everyone in Bloodlust is eligible - all the characters and actors are equal, no distinctions about who was in the TV show and who wasn't, it was an ensemble piece.

For MOMENT - I want you to think of your favourite moments, be them pivotal or otherwise. Someone's death, a shock of a different kind, a huge end of episode cliffhanger, or someone cooking breakfast - just your favourite bits, whyever you liked them.

And for LINE - just your favourite line of dialogue. If it's a big speech then I'd call that a MOMENT, this is more about a really killer line that leapt out the episodes at you.

Send your votes to ds_bloodlust@btinternet.com

I'm going to be recording a podcast with Bloodlust producers David Darlington and Joseph Lidster in March for the Collinsport Historical Society website (don't forget the first of the Bloodlust related interviews is already up there) so I'll announce the results in that (without telling Davy and Joe the results beforehand so we can capture the moment) and also write them up here too, obviously.

If you have any comments to include with your votes then feel free to add them - and time permitting we might hear some of them - and if you've any questions for Davy and Joe send them to that email address too and I'll ask what ones I can.
You votes must be submitted by midnight of Friday, March 6, 2015, two weeks after the release of the final episode of BLOODLUST. Please wait until after the release of the final episode before voting.

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