Monday, September 29, 2014

More actors join cast of DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST

Alexandra Donnachie and Walles Hamonde.
Daisy Tormé and Jeff Harding will be making their Big Finish debuts as newlywed couple Melody and Michael Devereux in the upcoming serial, DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST.
Daisy Tormé.

“We wanted to make BLOODLUST easily accessible for new listeners,” says co-producer Joseph Lidster, “so we created the Devereux family to be our eyes and ears. They’re not from Collinsport, and they don’t know anything about its history. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that they’re going to discover that it’s maybe not the ideal place to have their honeymoon - especially after the killer strikes...”

“Melody and Michael are very sweet,” says co-producer David Darlington. “She lives life to the full but is hopelessly disorganized. He’s an intelligent, thoughtful man - but a bit uptight, and shut-off from the world. They’re polar opposites who found what they need in each other when love struck...”

“Daisy’s a voiceover specialist,” Lidster continues, “whose vocal talents have featured in many computer games, such as the Final Fantasy series, and feature films including RAMBO, SYRIANA and AN AMERICAN VAMPIRE STORY. She was recommended to us by original DARK SHADOWS star Kathryn Leigh Scott, and is perfect for Melody. Jeff is another voice artist of renown – he is heard on dozens of new audiobooks every year – as well as having had an impressive  career in British film and television, with credits including HOWARDS WAY and TOMORROW NEVER DIES. Genre fans probably know him best for playing General Damon in the '90s run of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE on TV – or maybe for his recurring role as Ed Winchester in THE FAST SHOW!”

Jeff Harding as Michael Devereux.
 Also joining the cast are Alexandra Donnachie and Walles Hamonde as Collinsport teenagers Jacqueline Tate and Cody Hill.

“Jackie is the daughter of the local Sheriff but is a bit of a rebel really. She’s best friends with the doctor’s son, Cody who’s a real science geek,” continues David Darlington. “They soon join forces with Harry Cunningham (Scott Haran) and, well, they're three adventurous teens in a horror series. Anything might happen...”

DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST is a 13-part miniseres set to begin in early January, with two MP3 installments in the series scheduled to be released weekly on Tuedays and Fridays. The series will later be collected in two compact disc collections.  It's available to pre-order HERE.

Big Finish has an official Soundcloud page that includes dozens of teasers and behind-the-scenes recordings from their various DARK SHADOWS productions. The site includes introductions from the nine cast members that have been announced. Listen to them HERE.

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