Thursday, September 18, 2014

A treasure trove of DARK SHADOWS memorabilia hits Ebay

A DARK SHADOWS fan is selling an interesting collection of classic memorabilia on Ebay. Some of this stuff I've never seen before, mostly because I wasn't born until after the show left the airwaves. Regardless, these are the kinds of items I actively collect, and I've never even seen scans of this material of other DARK SHADOWS fan sites. This is rare stuff.

This collection appears to be made up mostly of fan club material produced during the heyday of DARK SHADOWS, such as members certificates to the "Dark Shadows Vamp Club," news letters, stationary and pocket calenders. Most of the fan club items date back to before Alexandra Moltke's departure from the show in 1968 (she's featured prominently in the photos.)

Here's the catch: The starting bid is $499.

For all I know, that's a perfectly fair price. It might even be a bargain, depending on the relative availability of these items. When it comes to collectibles, items are only worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. This collection might sell for far more than the starting bid; then again, it might not sell at all.

If you're interested in bidding (or, like me, you're just want to see how much the collection sells for) you can find the Ebay listing HERE. The auction ends Sept. 23. Which just happens to be the day before my birthday, if you're looking for the prefect birthday present for that special blogger in your life.

(Thanks to Catrena Hall for the tip!)

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