Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Read the first issue of VAMPIRELLA for FREE

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of VAMPIRELLA. To summarize: I think VAMPIRELLA is a character from a dimmer, dumber era that's best enjoyed ironically. See also "Heavy Metal" magazine, Roger Moore BOND films and the works of Ralph Bakshi.

And, as with those other works I've mentioned, VAMPIRELLA has a habit of attracting legitimate talent. Since the character was first introduced in 1969, some of the world's best artists and writers have signed up to continue the adventures of the alien/vampire anti-hero who dresses like a teenage girl with daddy issues.

Writer Nancy A. Collins (who was a guest on one of our first podcasts) and artist Patrick Berkenkotter are behind the latest VAMPIRELLA story. Issue two of the six-part series will be released this week, and publisher Dynamite Entertainment has posted the first issue online for free. You can read it above, if it's your kind of thing. And, if it is, feel free to chew me out in the comments below.

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