Monday, January 7, 2013

Podcast: Sonja Blue and Nancy A. Collins

Blogger Plucky McFeatherton speaks to author NANCY A. COLLINS about gothic horror, her upcoming projects (including the return of anti-hero SONJA BLUE to print after a ten-year hiatus) and the sight of actor JONATHAN FRID in Bermuda shorts. The music for this episode includes HINT OF HER BLOOD by Danzig, SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK by The Cramps and KILL CITY by Iggy Pop.

Download the Podcast HERE, or subscribe to it for free through iTunes.

Collins is raising money for the next SONJA BLUE novel via indiegogo, and is about halfway toward meeting her target. If you ever wanted to see yourself get killed in a horror novel, make sure you check on the "Red Shirt" perk at the campaign website.

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