Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dark Selby talks Dark Shadows, Dark Knight

David Selby
 DAVID SELBY has an interesting interview over at, where he discusses his time spent playing Commissioner Jim Gordon in the upcoming DARK KNIGHT RETURNS animated feature film. Here's a sample:

"That was a special time in the 60s, and for whatever reasons these shows captivated the public’s imagination. Maybe we just needed it in the 60s. They were shows that allowed you to escape … shows that made life a little easier to cope. I think about New York City at that time and all the things that were going on. The corruption, the racial conflicts, the unrest at Columbia University. There were protests everywhere. Then there was Chicago, and the election in 1968. The assassination of Martin Luther King, the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Vietnam was raging. And then you had these shows. I’m sure some sociologist is examining all of this and working it out. But I think those two shows, Batman and Dark Shadows, they fit that expression, “Whatever gets you through the night.” It is interesting that they both came out of that period. But maybe not. Maybe the times were right."

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