Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dark Shadows Diary, Episode 26

Episode 26, "Ham Sandwiches and Attempted Murder"
Aug. 1, 1966

It's been a rough couple of episodes for Roger Collins. First, his sister extorts him into participating in her elaborate lie about Victoria's invitation to Collinwood, threatening to kick him out of the house if he doesn't play ball. Today, we got a look at his son's true face and learn his initial assessment of the child as a "little monster" was appropriate. Roger's starting to look heroically well adjusted to life, all things considered.

Victoria wastes no time confronting David about her discovery at the close of the previous episode. She shows him the bleeder valve found in his dresser drawer, which provokes him to attack her. She manages to secure the car part in her own dresser before tricking him out of her bedroom and locking him out.

David's first instinct is to go on the lam. Throwing on a coat, he heads for the front door, where he's headed off by Liz. She demands an explanation for his behavior, and David claims Victoria attacked him. The governess ventures out of her room and finds the two talking, and explains to Liz what really happened. She's dubious about Victoria's story, but agrees to follow her back to her bedroom to see the car part for herself. Neither notice that David is nowhere to be seen. Unsurprisingly, the bleeder valve is missing from Victoria's room when they arrive.

The B-plot in this episode is a pleasant enough diversion, but doesn't really progress the story. Roger and Constable/Sheriff Carter spar over the proposed arrest of Burke Devlin. Carter doesn't think there's enough evidence to move forward with an arrest. He's right, but he's also preoccupied by a ham and rye sandwich he's eating during most of the conversation. He's got a more complex relationship with this sandwich than he's got with anyone else on the show, so I can't blame the actor for milking this "story element" for everything it's worth ... but that doesn't mean anyone was interested in listening to him drone on about his condiment preferences for half the show.

Roger threatens to upset Carter's next election if Devlin isn't arrested. The constable/sheriff makes a momentary stand against him before totally caving in to his demands.  Carter finally refuses to let Roger accompany him on the search of Devlin's room. A man's got to have some standards.

The writers have a serious challenge ahead of them. After revealing David to be a violent maniac, they're going to have to work overtime if we're going to believe Victoria wouldn't quit her job on the spot. The bleeder valve is almost beside the point. Roger's a manipulative pervert, Liz is a liar, and David is a serial killer in training. There's really no good reason for her to stick around ... especially if nobody believes her about finding the missing part in David's room.


Melissa said...

She's sticking around for the awesome Collinsport rye bread.

Sara said...

Hey, look - food in Dark Shadows!

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