Friday, January 31, 2020

You can now watch Dark Shadows for free ... legally!

If you're subscribing to Amazon Prime just to watch Dark Shadows, I've got great news: you can tell Jeff Bezos to eff off! (Try it! It's fun!) For the last few years Amazon has been the best option to view all 1,225 episodes of everybody's favorite gothic soap, but a second player has entered the game ... Tubi TV.

Tubi is a free, ad-supported service, with unskippable ads shown during commercial breaks during programming.  You know, just like the good old days. The streaming service also has the anthologies Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse and Dark Shadows: The Haunting of Collinwood.

Tubi is accessible through a browser on MacOS and Windows, as well as Android and iOS apps; Apple TV; Amazon Fire TV (including the Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire Stick 4K); Roku OS, Roku devices; and both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you're capable of streaming television, chances are you can now watch Dark Shadows for free!

Get started here:

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