Thursday, October 3, 2019

New editions of classic Dark Shadows novels coming in 2020

Hermes Press is done a tremeondous job of restoring much of the vintage anxilliary media associated with Dark Shadows. In addition to publishing hardcover collections of the entire Gold Key comics series that ran from 1969 to 1976,  they also brought us amazing restorations of the complete newspaper comic strip (with the Sunday editions in color) and the 1970 Dark Shadows Story Digest.

In 2020, Hermes Press will be adding reprints of the Marilyn Ross novels to their catalog. The first of 32-book series, simply titled "Dark Shadows," will be available in February and feature the novel's original cover art. After that, the series will be published bi-monthly in pairs until 2021.

It appears that the novelization of House of Dark Shadows will not be among the series, though, perhaps due to rights issues. Perhaps Hermes Press will eventually work those issues out during the coming year.

Earlier this year, the first round of audiobook adaptions of the Marilyn Ross novels went on sale. Read by Kathryn Leigh Scott, the first five books in the series -- Dark Shadows, Victoria WintersStrangers at Collins House, The Mystery of Collinwood, The Curse of Collinwood, and Barnabas Collins -- are now available on Amazon. The availability of the CD version of these books remains unpredictable, but the entire line is available instantly through Audible.

You can pre-order the first book in the Dark Shadows series from Heremes Press HERE.

Below is the full anouncement regarding the Dark Shadows reprint series

Hermes Press to Reprint Full 32 Volumes of Vintage “Dark Shadows” Novels 

Dark Shadows: The Complete Paperback Library Reprint #1, “Dark Shadows,”; ISBN 978-1- 61345-190-8; $14.99; written by Marilyn Ross; paperback; 6 x 8 inches; printed text; archival edition; first in a series of 32 novels; available in Feb, 2020.

The classic Dark Shadows novels, originally published by Paperback Library in the 1960s and 1970s, return with Hermes Press' archival reprint of all 32 titles in the series. The reprint series╩╝ namesake debut book, “Dark Shadows,” which first saw print in December, 1966, will feature the original painted artwork on the cover.

Each of the 32 novels will present the complete text re-proofed and error free along with the faithfully reprinted cover art. The Hermes Press reprints will present the titles in an enlarged 6 inch by 8 inch format, printed on archival paper and permanently bound for reading enjoyment without cracking or loose pages. Each book in the series is based on the Dark Shadows television serial created by Dan Curtis and was written by prolific fiction author William Edward Daniel Ross under the pen name of Marilyn Ross. The forerunner to today's immensely popular vampire and supernatural themed television programs and theatrical films, Dark Shadows still garners serious attention as an iconic TV show with a devoted cult following and a new primetime series planned for 2020.

Initially focusing on young governess Victoria Winters and the mysterious happenings at the isolated New England estate Collinwood, the stories gradually shift to emphasize tormented vampire Barnabas Collins. Hermes Press' complete reprint of the 1966-72 series of Dark Shadows novels makes the entire collection of these classic books available once again to fans of gothic romance, suspense and alluring tales and compelling characters of Dark Shadows.

Subsequent reprints of books #2-32 will follow in pairs on a bi- monthly basis throughout 2020-21. 

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