Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A new Dark Shadows TV series is in the works

The cat is out of the bag: A new Dark Shadows television series is being discussed!

There have been rumors about the project circulating for months, but now I have a source which I can attribute, which is (checks notes) Forbes. The magazine has a feature about Bradley Gallo, Chief Creative Officer/Partner for Amasia Entertainment. Among the projects he's developing is a "re-boot" of Dark Shadows with Warner Bros. Over at Stage 32, Gallo is listed as an executive producer on the series.

If things proceed, where is Dark Shadows going to land? I don't know ... but I hear the major streaming services are being targeted. That's if it happens at all. In the words of George Burns, show business is a hideous bitch goddess ... a new Dark Shadows might go to pilot and die. An entire season might get shot and shelved. The final product might even, dare I say it ... suck? But it's exciting to think about. Consider my mind open and my body ready.

I'm already dreading the inevitable Facebook arguments this is going to provoke. Stay tuned!

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