Monday, July 22, 2019

Dark Shadows returns to the pages of Fangoria


If you're reading this, you love probably Dark Shadows. It takes a certain level of emotional commitment to follow a television series that went off the air almost 50 years ago, so "love" might not even be a strong enough word. Since its relaunch last fall, Fangoria has been exploring our intense, tangled relationships with media, showcasing such gorgeous weirdos as Roy Rose (who moved his family from Cleveland to Texas to restore the gas station from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) and Kenny Caperton (who created a life-sized replica of the Myers House from John Carpenter's Halloween.) In the latest issue of Fangoria, comedian Dana Gould and I join their ranks.

Issue #4 of Fangoria hits the stands this Wednesday (July 24) and features a lengthy chat between Dana and myself about the enduring appeal of Dark Shadows in the magazine's "Lifers" feature. Look for copies of this issue in your local comic book store. If you don't have access to a comic store, the issue is also available from Amazon HERE. (Note: If you want the issue, you might want to act fast. Copies are already appearing on Ebay at an inflated price.)

Below is a sneak peak at the Dark Shadows feature. The idea was that if Dana had a portrait hanging in Collinwood, it ought to look like the work of Basil Gogos or James Bama, so I opted for a psychedlic/pop art color scheme. (You might want to take a second look at the signature on the portrait, though.)

If you've got interests other than Dark Shadows, the latest issue also includes a conversation between Jordan Peele and Ari Aster (the director responsible of last year's Hereditary and this year's Midsommar) interviews with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark director André Øvredal and author Joe Hill, essays by Damien Echols and Alexandre Aja and more. How I got invited to this party is anyone's guess.

And don't let the cover price spook you. $20 might seem a little steep for a "magazine," but Fangoria's new format feels more like a book than a floppy. Squarebound and 100 pages in length, you're going to be reading this issue until the next one comes out in October. You can pick up a yearly subscription to the magazine (at a discount!) at

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