Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Podcast Playlist: It Runs in the Family

I was suffering a little this week from podcast overload. There was so much involved with the announcement of the our new series that the addition of a playlist not only felt like overkill, but ran the risk of causing confusion.

But it's an idea that I plan to stick with in coming episodes, and will be able to include it with the future podcasts once people get used to the rhythm. For the moment, it's going to get it's own dedicated blog post.

The concept is to pick a handful of songs that somehow play into the theme of the months' podcast, this one being "It Runs in the Family." Naturally, the Amanda Palmer song (which inspired this month's theme) kicks things off. You can find the entire playlist below. If you use Spotify, don't forget to "follow" the playlist, because it will be updated each month with new selections to accompany our podcast. (And, if you missed the first episode of the new series, I've also embedded that below so that you don't have to go looking for it.)

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