Friday, March 8, 2019

Celebrate World Women's Day with ... Dark Shadows?

"Josette DuPres Collins gambled her soul, and lost it, in an ill-conceived bid to destroy her rival Angelique. Now the Dark Lord has sent his emissary to bring Josette to her place in Hell."

The Lost Girl might seem like an odd choice to highlight for World Women's Day. From a narrative point of view, Dark Shadows offers a significant challenge in celebrating much of anything ... it is, after all, a television series about bad people making bad decisions. There aren't many role models in Collinsport.

But The Lost Girl is unique among the Dark Shadows line of audios. Unless I'm overlooking something, it appears to be the only installment starring women and written by a woman. Sure, Nigel Fairs is onhand to provide a little menace, but it's telling that the only male voice in the tale is basically playing the devil.

The Lost Girl sees Kathryn Leigh Scott return to the role of Josette, a character that continues to suffer even in the afterlife. Also appearing in the episode are Rebecca Staab ("Daphne Collins" from the 1991 Dark Shadows revival series) and Lara Parker as you-know-who.

The Lost Girl was written by Debbie Lynn Smith, who has a ton of television writing credits under her belt, but these days runs Kymera Press, a comic book publisher that produces comics by women and about women. It's slogan? "We're Not Asking For Permission." How badass is that?

You can get The Lost Girl directly from Big Finish and from Amazon.

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