Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dark Shadows: How to make a monster

This is turning into one of those weeks where everybody involved is just too busy with real-life stuff to find time to blather on about Dark Shadows. Patrick McCray keeps watching episodes for the Dark Shadows Daybook and failing to find time to file the appropriate paperwork. Justin Partridge is still listening to the Big Finish audios and keeping his thoughts on them to himself. And I've been ... busy. My preoccupations have nothing to do with this week's full moon, as I explained to the sheriff at length this morning. No, I can't account for my whereabouts. If I knew there would be a test I would have taken notes. Am I expected to keep track of my comings and goings at all hours of the day?

I did find time to clean up a few images that you detail-loving nerds out there might enjoy. Below are some images relating to the 1969 Barnabas Collins model kit, including a comicbook ad, scans of the instructions, the box art and a hilarious insert included with the kit's 2012 re-release. Whoever wrote the copy for that box really knew their Dark Shadows lore.

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