Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cheap Chills, bad dreams and horror movies

I've taken up journaling this year and have made a disturbing discovery: I have no interest in keeping up with my new hobby when I'm in a good mood. On what I've come to refer to as my "Poe Days" I'm all blood and thunder, whining endlessly into the void (in this case "the void" means "a cheap notebook from Walgreen's") about the futility of existence and how this all relates to Dark Shadows. But when I'm feeling happy? Eh. I'd rather watch a movie.

Which is what I was doing the other night when I stumbled on a new book from Cheap Chills. I'd already seen My Freaky-Deaky Book of Bad Dreams, a blank journal to document your dream life. Seeing as how I rarely dream, this product would be a better fit for somebody else. While watching Sleepaway Camp on Shudder's The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs the other night, a tweet alerted me to another item they've got for sale: The Horror Critic’s Journal. The inside was delightful and was something I can definitely put to use. At just $7.99 it was even cheaper than that that Walgreen's notebook, so I punched that "Buy Now" button and have since been laying in wait for the mailman.

You can find The Horror Critic’s Journal at Amazon HERE.

And get My Freaky-Deaky Book of Bad Dreams at Amazon HERE.

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