Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday in Collinsport

Dawn has come to Collinwood, bringing with it the unresolved troubles of another day. All who wake at the great house are mildly annoyed by the obvious consumerism that will preoccupy their minds. They will spend much of the day conducting their dark bidding on the Internet, despising themselves for their weakness while totally enthralled with deals too seductive to resist. For it is Black Friday once again.

But who doesn't like a good deal? Amazon has a number of terrific sales on classic horror movies and collections staggered to hit throughout the day (with Prime members getting early access to many of these sales.) Zazzle is also offering deep discounts on products across its entire site, including 50% off select T-shirts. A small portion of the sales from these links goes toward keeping the lights on at The Collinsport Historical Society.

The CHS has a store on Zazzle stocked with stupid parodies that will delight/confuse many people.  If the normals don't get the joke, that's their problem, right? Use the code BLKFRIDAYZAZ at Zazzle to get big discounts today. You can find the CHS store here:

Amazon, of course, is trying to choke the world with bargains. There are so many sales going on at the monolithic, possibly evil online store that it's impossible to track them all. You can find the company's Black Friday sales page HERE, and below are a few highlights of the creepy items you'll find on sale throughout the day.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series
Teen Wolf: The Complete Series:
Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection:
The Invisible Man: Complete Legacy Collection:
The Flintstones: The Complete Series*

While we're talking about Amazon, it appears that the Blu-ray edition of House of Dark Shadows is only available now from third-party vendors. This might not be cause for alarm, but keep in mind the Blu-ray of Night of Dark Shadows is no longer in print and now routinely sells for more than $70. If you don't already have House of Dark Shadows, you might want to move on it ASAP. You can find it HERE.

(*OK, not creepy, but still a classic. And the appearances by The Gruesomes make this one qualify for the list.)

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