Sunday, October 21, 2018

Why aren't you following Singular Matilda on Instagram?

Singular Matilda is creating art that makes my Photoshop bullshit look like Photoshop bullshit. As I was reposting some of her work to my own Instagram account last night, though, I noticed she has a scant 103 followers ... which feels almost criminal.

Matilda has been creating a lot of interesting Dark Shadows-inspired artwork for a while and this theatre collage might be my favorite yet. It's available for sale at her Etsy shop right now, assuming I haven't bought it myself by the time you read this. You can follow her on Instagram HERE and view more of her work on Etsy at

Here's an explanation for how this particular piece was created, taken from her Instagram account:

"To make this little shadow box/miniature theatre I collaged a cardboard box with 19th century and vintage book pages and sponged black acrylic paint and shimmery gold Galena acrylic paint. It was then sealed with gloss Modge Podge."

"Some of the text has been left showing to create an interesting visual effect."

"The tomb stones have also been made from cardboard and vintage book pages and lightly sponged with black acrylic paint, with text left showing to create the effect of lettering. The tombstone in front of Barnabas has also had a little Galena gold applied to give it a shimmer. If you look closely it has some interesting text on it ;) Barnabas is a handmade figurine which I made from cardboard and 19th century book pages. I drew his shape onto cardboard, cut him out then collaged him with the book pages. His caped coat has been painted with black acrylic paint and given a coating of matte Modge Podge. His face was painted with Galena gold then shaded with a white pencil, over which I applied his facial details and hair with an HB pencil and a black ink pen. I added a piece of book text from a vintage novel on his stomach. It describes him well."

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