Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dark Shadows Lives!

For a television show cancelled in 1971, there are a lot of people talking about DARK SHADOWS today. Here's a roundup:

Dark Shadows Before I Die visits July 11, 1968, the date of broadcast for episode 534 of DARK SHADOWS. Any episodes that features Barnabas, Julia, Adam and Victoria is going to be a little tense, but Carolyn aims to turn over the whole creepy apple cart. Here's a sample from DSBID assessment: "You're saying Adam is better than Joe or Buzz? Or are you referring to her sick relationship with her cousin Barnabas? Is Carolyn now having some kind of Frankenfantasy date with Adam? This girl is messed up!" You can read it HERE.

Speaking of July 11, 1968, the episode taped that day was #545. Here's what Patrick McCray had to say about that episode in THE DARK SHADOWS DAYBOOK installment from two years ago: "Nicholas Blair. No one else could pull Adam onto his side by seemingly quoting from TRIUMPH OF THE WILL. Meanwhile, Angelique’s plan to off the Promethean by using an ax, instead of black magic, seems hilariously misguided. So, yeah, Nicholas won’t suspect a thing if it’s just a simple ax in Adam’s head." You can read the day's summary HERE.

Here's the cutest Barnabas Collins you're gonna see all day, courtesy of Michael Pribbenow.

Meanwhile, DARK SHADOWS was shut out of the Emmys again this year. Sigh.

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