Monday, July 9, 2018

Dark Shadows Lives!

Katya and Laramie over at This Place Scares Us podcast tackle a subject near and dear to our black hearts: NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS. The latest episode tackles the red-headed stepchild of the DARK SHADOWS-verse. You can listen to the podcast below. Here's a summary from their website.

"Does NODS make sense? Not really!  Does it relate to the TV series?  Kind of?! We watched House of Dark Shadows and discussed our thoughts on it in episode 7 (go check it out).  So join us we discuss the sequel, that isn't a sequel, to the best bat on a stick movie ever made!"

Dark Shadows Before I Die is a possibly overlooked DARK SHADOWS blog with a slightly depressing title. Every time I visit I'm wracked with fear that the authors aren't going to make it to the 1,225-episode finish line. (We're rooting for you!) Anyhoo, the website has a number of contributors who tackle an episode of DARK SHADOWS a day. The most recent entry is episode 530, first broadcast July 8, 1968. Stick around for the end of their summary for the Round Robin Nightmare Tracker, which is pretty unique. Find the most recent episode HERE.

Dark Shadows Every Day probably need no introduction. If this is your first time hearing about the blog, fear not: the mission statement is right their in the title. Today's featured episode is 1148, which sees creator Danny Horn taking a rather poetic approach to discussing a rather talky episode. I kept expecting his screencap selection to break out into song. You can read it HERE.

Meanwhile, our own The Dark Shadows Daybook will be back soon! Patrick McCray somehow managed to escape from the CHS basement, probably with the help of that Sarah Collins again. She's always getting in the way of my plans. And you can also expect some big news soon about The Collinsport Historical Society Podcast. See how I buried that at the bottom of the post?

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