Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ben 10 vs Barnabas Collins

If you've owned a television at any point during the last decade, it's a safe bet that you've seen something written by Eric Wallace. His writing and producing credits include THE FLASH, TEEN WOLF, Z NATION, EUREKA and BEN 10: OMNIVERSE. When a fan noted on Twitter that Wallace included a sly nod to the late, great Dwayne McDuffie in the BEN 10 episode "From Hedorium to Eternity," Wallace also confessed to slipping in a number of DARK SHADOWS references in the episode, as well.

In addition to his television credits, Wallace's work also includes the DARK SHADOWS Big Finish audios "The Wicked and the Dead," "Kingdom of the Dead" and "The Lucifer Gambit." He was a guest on the CHS podcast way back in 2013, and graciously contributed an essay to us commemorating the 50th anniversary of DARK SHADOWS. You can read it for yourself HERE.

My curiosity piqued, I saw down this morning to watch "From Hedorium to Eternity." Two-thirds of the way through, the number of DARK SHADOWS references had thoroughly scratched my itch. (BEN 10: OMNIVERSE also proved to be a sharp, funny series that I want to see more of.) My original plan was to make a note of  the references for an "annotated" blog post about the episode, and then "From Hedorium to Eternity" entered its final act. The episode's villain revealed himself and ... well, you can see a picture of him at the top of this post. I don't need to tell you who that is. (Or, at least, who he looks like.)

I hate spoiling the big reveal, so to compensate I'll stay mum on the rest of the DARK SHADOWS references in the episode. If you want to watch it, all eight seasons of BEN 10: OMNIVERSE are streaming on Hulu, or you can purchase the episode individually on Amazon HERE. "From Hedorium to Eternity" is the first episode of season eight, FYI.

(Random note: I'm a shameless "voice actor" (i.e. "actor") groupie, so it was also exciting for me to hear Tara StrongGreg CipesCorey Burton and Phil LaMarr in this episode.)

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