Monday, June 18, 2018

The Blu-ray of "Night of Dark Shadows" costs HOW MUCH?!

It was a pretty big deal when HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and its less-popular sequel NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS received digital restorations back in 2012. We can dump on Tim Burton's misfire all we want, but it momentarily raised enough interest in DARK SHADOWS to make these kinds of home video releases possible. Even better, the new transfers were gorgeous, revealing depths of detail and color barely hinted at by their earlier VHS releases. I've said it before and will say it again: If you've never seen these versions of the movies, you've never really seen them.

There might be fewer opportunities to repeat myself in coming years, though. A friend brought it to my attention last night that the Blu-ray of NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS is currently selling for $179.34 on Amazon. (Used prices are as high as $94.99.) But it wasn't automatically time to panic, because sales programs on Amazon sometimes have bidding wars to prevent shoppers from ordering out-of-stock items. For example, if your online store runs out of NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS on Blu-ray, your price will be raised to a penny more than the most expensive version on Amazon.  When multiple stores run out of the same item it can sometimes prompt prices to jump (temporarily) to ludicrous levels.

Sadly, a quick scan of other online vendors suggests that's not what's happening here, with NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS.

Most of the big box stores still have NIGHT listed somewhere in the range of suggested retail prices. Walmart (boo!) has the blu for $16.45, while Target's price is $13.89. Unfortunately, this edition is out of stock at both companies. (Target goes a step further with the slightly sinister "out of stock in all stores.") And it only gets worse from there. The used Blu-ray edition NIGHT is available on Ebay with a starting price of $96.99, while whatever the hell Rakuten is has another used copy for $269.79.

For now, the DVD version of NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS is still available at prices us mere mortals can afford. Amazon is still offering DVD for $9.99. Amazon Prime and iTunes also have the film for $9.99. So all is not yet lost.

But, if you want to own this on physical media, you might want to hustle.

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