Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Podcast Alert: The Confession of Joseph Lidster


Something occurred to me while drafting an introduction to this podcast, which sees CHS international correspondent Robert Dick chatting with Big Finish writer/producer Joseph Lidster:

Big Finish has been producing DARK SHADOWS audios for longer than the original series had been on the air.

And the difference isn't small, either. DARK SHADOWS had an extraordinarily healthy run. While STAR TREK and BATMAN flamed out at three years each, the mad monster party at Collinwood was on the air for 1,225 episodes broadcast during an almost five-year streak. Considering that most television shows don't survive their first season, that's a respectable accomplishment no matter how you define it.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Big Finish has been creating new DARK SHADOWS since 2006, producing everything from full-cast dramas to extended-length serials in the years since. Their dedication to the "Collins Clan" has been unparalleled, not to mention unlikely. Even Dan Curtis struggled to revive the flame, first with the short-live 1991 "revival" series and then again with a failed pilot for a new DARK SHADOWS with The WB in 2004. The Tim Burton feature film didn't do anybody any favors in 2012, a speedbump that the gang at Big Finish didn't even acknowledge. Fans have spent the last six years (has it been that long?!) ruminating about the return of DARK SHADOWS to television or theaters, but Big Finish has stayed busy, generating dozens of new stories with the likes of David Selby, Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Mitchell Ryan and Joanna Going, refusing to take part in the collective mourning of a brand. And that deserves a little respect.

Stepping down off my soapbox, let's get down to the details. The latest podcast sees Robert talking to Joe about the state of the union, specifically the addition of new writers to the DARK SHADOWS fold, bringing a taste of Collinsport to the DOCTOR WHO range, the multiple fates of Aldon Wicks, and a few morsels about the upcoming BLOODLINE serial. This episode will be followed up later in the week by an interview with Big Finish producer David Darlington.

You can download the podcast by clicking HERE, or listen to it streaming below.

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