Friday, March 2, 2018

Save 50% on Dark Shadows this week at Big Finish

Big Finish is offering a sale this week on DARK SHADOWS audiobooks and full-cast dramas, knocking 50 percent off the regular price. Use the code QUENTIN50 at checkout to cut the list price in half, but you might want to hustle ... the sale ends at midnight on March 8. (And that's UK time, FYI.)

The sale also heralds the release later this year of "Maggie & Quentin - The Lovers' Refrain," an anthology featuring David Selby and Kathryn Leigh Scott. As a teaser, Big Finish is offering a digital bundle of the previous tales featuring Selby as Quentin Collins. While this bundle is not part of this week's sale, it's still a steal: It features eight tales, ranging from 2008's "The Skin Walkers" to 2015's delightfulyl weird "Panic," all for just $30. (After the sale, the price of this bundle will go up to $40.) You can find the bundle HERE.

You can read more about the sale over at the official website of Big Finish Productions.

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