Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The late night, double feature picture show

For the last few weeks, I've been building short videos for the Collinsport Historical Society's social media pages. These videos tend to contrast a behind-the-scenes image with a short clip of the related episode or movie. It takes a bit of work to connect the dots from the original photo to determine with which episode they're connected, and it's been a fun to solve these mysteries.

Facebook and Instagram have been the primary targets (sorry Twitter, but you make video too challenging) and they've been popular. I try to make these experiences unique to readers so that the people reading Twitter aren't seeing the same content as Facebook, Instagram or even the primary website. The overall goal, or course, is to get you to visit us here, but some people are satisfied simply seeing the occasional photo from DARK SHADOWS in their Facebook feeds and leave it at that. Others just read the website and ignore Twitter, while some on Instagram don't appear to know there's even a website attached to the account. So I like to post occasional reminders here at the main hub about some of the things we're doing on social media.

Below is an example of the short videos we've prepared. The video is taken from Episode 331 of DARK SHADOWS, taped Sept. 21, 1967, a busy day on the set. A photographer was present at ABC Studios in New York City and captured dozens of images of the show's production process. While he didn't need them in the episode taped that day, actor Jonathan Frid donned the fangs to illustrate how they were applied, and posed with co-star David Henesy on the set of the "Old House" in an image that would later appear on the cover of issue #6 of the Dark Shadows Gold Key comic. The video below composites all of those images into a handy 30-second file. If you enjoy it, you can find more on the CHS's Facebook page and Instagram account.

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