Friday, December 8, 2017

Dark Shadows Gift Guide: Black Light Shadows

I mentioned the work of artist Dean Monahan back in September, specifically his series of black light posters featuring the characters of DARK SHADOWS. It was pretty clear at the time that I not only liked his work, but his attention to some of the show's minor arcana, as well. There are even some hardcore fans of the series who have never seen the original appearance of actress Diana Millay as "The Phoenix," but BLAM! Monahan created a kick-your-eyes-in poster of the villain. My favorite is the "American Gothic" of Barnabas and Josette somberly staring through the front window of the old house ... but I love the beautiful contrast of the melancholy content of Josette/Maggie walking along the shoreline in garish neon color. Monahan has dozens of pieces for sale on Ebay. You can find his store online HERE.

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